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Prekindergarten Language Immersion Program

Valley View Early Learning Center (VVELC) offers full immersion programs in both Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Pre-kindergarteners are immersed in language-rich classrooms where they will understand and use Chinese or Spanish starting on their very first day of school. VVELC’s Chinese and Spanish immersion teachers design interactive learning experiences that capture children’s interest and build conceptual understanding while strengthening each child’s intercultural communication skills.

Imagine how your child’s confidence and excitement will grow as s/he learns to:

  • Greet adults and friends using Chinese or Spanish upon arriving in class
  • Sing authentic songs from the target culture during morning circle time
  • Use the immersion language to describe shapes during an exploration of geometric figures
  • Use Chinese or Spanish language labels to identify objects during science exploration time and
  • Understand and use culturally appropriate meal-time language during lunch

Our prekindergarten full immersion program provides:

  • Caring teachers with native or native-like proficiency in Mandarin Chinese or Spanish
  • Engaging lessons in the immersion language
  • Small class sizes with individualized attention
  • A family-like setting where learners acquire Chinese or Spanish naturally through interaction

The full immersion program at VVELC offers children a unique way to explore the world around them. We invite you to take the first step in giving your child an early start in developing proficiency in Chinese and Spanish by signing up for a tour today.

To schedule a tour, please call 520-209-7650.