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Click here for the complete set of Arizona's Early Learning Standards.

Children need to develop the capacity to experience, express, and gain self-control over their emotions and social interactions in order to mature socially and emotionally. This development is enhanced through nurturing relationships and positive early learning experiences. A consistent and predictable environment strengthens a child’s confidence in approaching new challenges. Confident children approach new tasks and situations enthusiastically. They recognize and express emotions appropriately as well as share information about themselves and others. (Arizona Department of Education, Early Learning Standards, 4th ed., May 2018)

At Valley View, social and emotional learning is a high priority in learning and development for all students. Above all other objectives, social and emotional learning is our first focus; because without this learning, other areas of learning become very difficult, if not impossible to achieve. We strive to make sure all students feel safe, secure, and at peace with our homelike, authentic environments. All classrooms were thoughtfully designed with all natural wood furniture, natural materials, and open spaces with natural light. Students are carefully and patiently taught to first learn about themselves, to label their emotions, and to self-regulate by learning strategies of coping and problem solving through play and student choice.

Two student friends

Three students at sensory table

Four students and pretend soup

Students making classroom agreement poster


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