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The Arts

The arts nurture the imagination and creative spirit of all children. Sensory awareness (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste) is the foundation for all imaginative activity and creative expression. For young children, the importance of the arts is in the process of creating rather than the end result.

As children are involved in the arts process, they develop independence, self-esteem, and self-expression. The arts connect all areas of learning and are fundamental to children’s development and education. The arts enable all children to discover more about who they are and gain insight into their own culture and the cultures around them. (Arizona Department of Education, Early Learning Standards, 4th ed., May 2018)

Valley View teachers understand that art is about the process not the product. We are careful not to do for the child what they can do for themselves. We do not draw for children or create models for children to copy. Instead, we provide all materials imaginable to allow them to be as creative as possible. We are open to all forms of art and expose children to different artists and styles. We may bring in a fresh vase of flowers and provide children with paint, paper and brushes to simply allow them to paint their own version of the still life without giving them any direction. This gives them complete freedom and autonomy to explore their own artistic style. Sometimes, we will teach them a certain style of art work, give them the materials and then allow them to create with their own ideas. We try to encourage all types of expression and nothing is ever “wrong” in art - just creative. As you walk the hallways of Valley View, the different expressions of art are carefully displayed, elegantly and respectfully accompanied by a description of the work with pictures of the students creating the work.


Student working with clay

Students painting

Students making music

Students creating art